Round Seafoods


シーフード (Shīfūdo)

Sea Foods Right

Only The Freshest Available

More than 80 percent of the seafood that we use is flown in fresh from different parts of the country and the world. The rest is sourced locally from fishermen who follow sustainable fishing guidelines. We are firm believers that seafood should be fresh and not frozen, that is why everything that comes in must be consumed on the same day. Fresh Mahi-Mahi is flown in from Hawaii, salmon from Alaska, and crab oysters from Tangier Sound. If we can’t fly it or source it locally, we won’t have it, we refuse to serve anything but the freshest.

We pair the freshest catch with the freshest choice vegetables organically grown from our farms, and even if you prefer your seafood raw, you can be sure that anything else on your plate is equally fresh.

Sushi and sashimi differ a great deal, but our sushi preparation is different from the usual. Head chefs Masaharu Sakay and Auguste Robuchom have worked on one of the most extensive and authentic sushi menus in the country, and their selections are definitely some that you have to try.

Try our new take on Vietnamese Summer Rolls with our soy wrapped oyster and salmon sushi, intertwined with tomato, cilantro, and dried squid, and seasoned with a dash of white pepper and peppercorns. Served with our seafood miso soup that’s made from tofu and ginger, it certainly aims to please.

Always Fresh, Never Frozen

At DS Resto Asian Fusion, we serve the freshest choice cuts of sashimi, whether it be salmon, shrimp, tuna, octopus, yellowtail, sea urchin, squid, or scallops. They are all regularly flown in to maintain their freshness. We maintain a high standard of cleanliness and food preparation standards in order to make sure that our raw seafood offerings are safe as they are delectable.

Our Japanese-styled seafood dishes are fused together with touches from the West and you’ll find that the work of our masters of fusion will be more than enough to satisfy your taste buds. From Mahi-Mahi, Lapu-Lapu, and Maya-Maya, our unique selection of fish will definitely satisfy any seafood craving that you may have. If you are feeling a tad bit adventurous, you can ask one of our chefs to prepare you a mystery cut of sashimi rolled to your desired perfections.

Shrimp Soup

We pride ourselves in ensuring that only the freshest seafood is utilized in all our dishes, one will find the necessity of flying seafood in instead of keeping everything in frozen storage. It preserves the delicate flavors of our Japanese inspired raw dishes and allows the utmost appreciation for the unique tastes of our seafood dishes.

From a sweet and sour tom yum to shrimp glazed with a sweet Café de Paris-style sauce, to grilled and fresh oysters, served with the slightest seasonings, you know that DS Resto Asian Fusion takes it seafood seriously.

Enjoy our sweet and sour Mahi-Mahi paired with a unique tamarind sweet and sour reduction sauce and prepared with sesame oil, delight in our baby squid garnished with all the eight spices that represent Asia and lightly tossed in extra virgin olive oil – which we produce ourselves. If you feel like a free spirit try our octopus and cuttle fish, exclusively flown in daily from sustainable farms. Whatever your seafood delights are we will provide it.

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