Round Dimsum

Dim Sum

点心 (Tenshin)

Buns, Dumplings and Rolls Made Daily

Dumplings have been a staple of Chinese cuisine since the days of the Silk Road, and just like the days of the Silk Road where doors were opened and cultures came together. The dim sum at DS Resto Asian Fusion also takes cues of infusing the east and west together, in mini artisan creations of your favorite dim sum treats.

Feast in-between your meals or have a small cocktail snack; these miniature explosions of flavor will surprise you in every way. Most of the dim sum served in DS Resto Asian Fusion are all given the same artisan treatment that is apparent in all our dishes.

Asian Dimsum

Which type of dim sum attracts your palate the most? DS Resto Asian Fusion has one of the widest and largest selections of dim sum in the city, from dumplings, rolls, buns, and cakes. Our extensive selection of dim sum has all been given the fusion treatment.

Experience barbecued Kobe beef buns, and barbecued pork buns that are glazed with spicy honey. Spare ribs and Phoenix claws that are twice cooked, roasted and steamed with douchi, garlic, cayenne pepper, Hoisin, and chili. Even traditional sweets such as egg tarts are given a twist, made with French vanilla and torched to perfection.

Oyster Shaomai and Wagyu Rolls

Craving for dumplings? Our Xiao Lang Bao is considered to be one of the finest in the country, and our version of Shaomai made with Wagyu beef and shrimp is one dumpling that will really melt in your mouth. Straying away from the traditionally steamed dumplings is our collection of equally delectable fried dumplings such as Haam Seui Gok, Guotie and our own rendition of the Taro dumpling.

Pair your dumplings with some of our four-way congee, which is an infusion of flavors from both parts of the world, and enjoy the 48 dips that we have, some of which have been specially crafted by our head chefs.

Dimsum Platter
Siomai and Sharksfin

Fresh, Organic and Farm Grown

Just as we prepare our seafood and the rest of the ingredients in our restaurant, we ensure that all the ingredients that we use in our dim sum dishes are the freshest available. All buns, dumplings, cakes and rolls are made from scratch by our dedicated chefs, using the freshest ingredients delivered daily. Our vegetables are grown on our own farms and they are all certified 100 percent organic.

Our chefs can even craft specialized dim sum concoctions depending on your particular taste profile, and provide the same guarantee of freshness, quality, and culinary complexity.

Try out unique takes on dim sum made with fresh oysters, a spicy dim sum that is poached instead of steamed and our crosses between Chinese Szechuan, Taiwanese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Philippine, and western influences. All our dumplings, buns and cakes are served with authentic Chinese house tea with leaves that are imported from native farms where we support sustainable agriculture. DS Resto Asian Fusion is not just about providing the experience of food but giving back to society through sustainable programs because we believe food is also the expression of the human spirit.

Whether you want to try our beef, seafood or dim sum, our combinations of the freshest organically farm grown ingredients and high-quality selection of seafood, meats, and spices will certainly make for an experience worth coming back for. Book a table today and experience the wonderful experience of food that is DS Resto Asian Fusion.


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