Round Beef


牛肉 (Gyūniku)

Only The Best Beef

Succulently savory cuts of Shimofori Kobe beef, tempting slices of tantalizingly marbled Wagyu and the bold and rich flavors of perfect choice cuts of prime USDA beef. These picks combined with the master artisan culinary skills of head chefs Masaharu Sakay and Auguste Robuchom, and choice fresh ingredients from our own farms, make each dish an experience to remember. One does not have to restrict themselves to the set menus prepared daily but pamper their taste buds with a choice of delectable Asian fusion dishes from our standard menu.

Japanese Katsudon

The gorgeous selection of beef just tells you one part of the overall story. Just as east and west come together at the kitchens of DS Resto Asian Fusion, so do the other ingredients, sides, and complements. Have the Shimofori Kobe steak paired with some saffron infused Jasmine rice augmented with truffles and vegetables native only to the South East. Spice it up with our very own rendition of the popular miso soup that’s made with special ingredients that have been passed from generation to generation, and end with a platter of torched sweet and sour crème in a bed of dragon fruit, lychee, and passion fruit.

Stir Fried Beef

If the palette won’t succumb to all the umami then delight all of your senses, in your not so ordinary stir fry, with Wagyu beef strips cooked with free-range butter, garnished with spicy honey, Himalayan rock salt, sesame oil and seeds tossed in with julienned red and green bell peppers grown and handpicked in our own farms, native Indian spring onions, organic bean sprouts, chives, Philippine native garlic, and of course, peanuts.

Our chefs are artists in search for the perfect dishes because like the infusion of western and eastern food influences, they too understand that each dish that is created is an artful experience for the people who dine in. The chefs do not believe in a standardized system for each dish offered, as every plate that leaves the kitchen is a canvass where the art of food is expressed in its truest form.

The ingredients have to be fresh, the protein has to be prime, the preparation has to be impeccable and the process an art. From the moment the ingredients are chosen, a masterpiece starts unfolding in the kitchen.

Each cut of beef is personally checked by one of our chefs to ensure properly marbled beef, with the right color and texture. Our artisan chefs are not just satisfied with providing the best ingredients but only the best of these best ingredients.

Fried Beef With Rice

Every single bite of beef takes you on a journey of your senses with each piece melting in your mouth. Go on a gastronomical adventure as you try our Shimofori Kobe beef with all its succulent juices locked in. Take your taste buds out for a treat with a taste of our Wagyu that’s so luscious it melts in your mouth. And if you feel like a feast, why don’t you try one of our mouthwatering steaks cooked to your preference with choices ranging from Kobe to prime USDA beef. Pair it with one of our beautifully crafted artisan sides to truly encapsulate the fusion cuisine and wash it down with one of our specially crafted cocktails.

Treat your senses to a gastronomical adventure today.


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