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Fried Dimsum
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DS Resto Asian Fusion believes that fusion cuisine should not just be limited to a gastronomic experience, but rather it should also be an experience. Marrying the multitude of flavors of the east and the west, the culinary artisans of DS Resto Asian Fusion have put together a menu that takes one on a trip of the senses.

Every dish is made with the freshest available ingredients. Seafood is flown in daily from places like Alaska, the Chesapeake Bay, Hawaii and other locales around the world in order for us to provide the best ingredients in the business. We also pride ourselves in the quality of the beef that we use that is checked again by our chefs before they are used for cooking. From Shimofori Kobe beef, Wagyu and prime USDA grade local meats, only the best of the best is served on every plate

Our vegetables are all organically grown, pesticide free in DS Resto Asian Fusion owned farms and everything that is grown is also GMO-free. If a particular vegetable or fruit is unavailable in one of our farms, it is sourced and flown in from its native region.

For our master artisan head chefs, Masaharu Sakay and Auguste Robuchom, each dish and plate that leaves the kitchen is unique and carries its own “fingerprint.” There is no such thing as a standardized dish as each dish is made with the sole purpose of letting people experience the fusion, and not just simply taste it.


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