A Gastronomical Marriage of Taste and Experience

Transcending Boundaries

DS Resto Asian Fusion is more than just bridging the gap between Western and Eastern cuisines. It is the transcendence of the different combinations of flavors united with culture, experience, and expression. Experience the marriage of flavors from the umami, sweet and sour flavors of the east and the rich and bold influences of the west in concoctions that deliver more than just taste, but an experience in every bite.

DS Resto Asian Fusion is not a place to eat, it’s a place to feel, live and experience. It is a place where memories are founded and culture is rediscovered.

Asian Girl With Food
Stir Fried Rice

The Experience of Taste

Featuring both specialty and fusion dishes that combine freshly farmed ingredients with other flavors sourced around the world, experience cultures intertwined on your plate. Our seafood is served cool, but nothing is ever frozen. We are firm believers that food should always be served at its prime, devoid of anything that isn’t naturally occurring.

Sink into rich beef that truly melts in your mouth, taste the flavors of the ocean in our seafood and let your senses delight in dishes that tell you stories of the spice trade, dynasties long gone and the ever-changing history of the evolution of flavor.

Almost all of our seafood is flown in daily, from Mahi-Mahi from Hawaii, crab, and oysters from Tangier Sound, and salmon from Alaska. We also let you take advantage of the local catch to ensure that only the freshest “fruits of the ocean” reach your plate. We only use USDA Prime graded cuts, Wagyu sourced from Japan and 100% grass-fed Angus beef.

The advantage of owning our farms is that we are able to control and ensure the freshness of the ingredients that come in our kitchens. Even the spices that we use run through a quality control system after being sourced from the native lands they’ve originated from.

Our dishes include a wide variety of different tastes, flavors, and aromas. Our house specials are prepared by combing our farm-grown vegetables, fresh proteins, and internationally-sourced spices. Each day comes with a different menu, and each menu is the creation of Chef Masaharu Sakay and Chef Auguste Robuchom working in combination with each other in order to combine the best of both worlds into the tastes of the new world.

Even with the ever changing daily menu, we keep our specialties constant on a separate a la carte menu.

Experience a gastronomical journey from chefs Masaharu Sakay and Auguste Robuchom, both regarded as respected fusion chefs with the culinary genius to extract the intricacies of different cuisines and produce classes of their own. Both chefs head one of the most artistic kitchens in North America, apprenticing the best and brightest in the culinary world.

An a la carte menu is available with all our house specials, but when dining in at DS Resto Asian Fusions it is recommended that you take advantage of the unique daily menu brought by our award winning chefs.

Sushi Chef

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Pair your succulent feasts with a collection of wines from our cellars, or take advantage of our bar that is open from 10 am to midnight, featuring perfect pairings of imported single malt liquors and custom cosmopolitan concoctions perfect for before, after or in between your meals.

For bookings and reservation concerns please contact us through the numbers provided below, you can also fill out our online form to book a table. We are open from Monday to Sunday, 10 am to 2 pm, and again from 5 pm to 10 pm. Weekends and special occasions are by reservation only.


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